Wondering why Fall River has giant billboard recruiting teachers ... in Brockton. Here's why

Hanging above Exit 31A along Route 24 in Brockton is a billboard advertising a hiring event at the Fall River Public Schools' Durfee High School taking place at the end of April.


If you get off the highway at Exit 31A, it takes you straight to Brockton High School in one direction and Stonehill College in the other.


Brockton Public Schools have been in the spotlight recently for turmoil and violence — with teachers warning of a mass exodus if things don't improve.


That coupled with a national teacher shortage got us wondering if that's why Fall River's recruiting billboard was placed in Brockton. If you were wondering, too, here's what Fall River Public Schools told us.


Fall River Public Schools is currently recruiting for roughly 65 to 70 open positions, primarily special education staff, English language learning staff and teachers for science and math at every level.


Mayor Coogan said that Brockton was an attractive location to advertise due to its proximity to colleges like Stonehill and Bridgewater State University.