Red Sox This Weekend

Some Tickets remain for the Saturday 4:10 Yankees and Red Sox game at Fenway Park, and are plentiful throughout the ballpark for the Sunday Night close of the regular season at Fenway. 


The Red Sox will continue to wear their Boston Marathon themed Nike City Connect uniforms this weekend until they lose while using them. 


The Red Sox will have six games remaining, three in Baltimore and three in Washington as the Sox will be without the DH during their final 3 games. 


The regular season ends one week from Sunday,. 

Patriots This Week

The New England Patriots return to WSAR on 1480 and 95.9 Sunday Morning, as the Patirots Radio Network starts coverage at 10am with a 1pm kickoff


The Patriots are a 3 point home favorite  versus New Orleans;  Parriots are 1-1 and 0-2 ATS. 

Baker Administration and Military Families

Baker-Polito Administration Files Legislation to Further Support Military Families Transferring to Massachusetts 
BOSTON - Today, the Baker-Polito Administration filed legislation to improve the occupational licensing process for certain professions for military families transferring to Massachusetts.


The legislation would help facilitate license portability for military families transferring to military installations in Massachusetts by entering the Commonwealth into a series of interstate licensure compacts and other agreements



The legislation would implement recommendations made by the Division of Occupational Licensure (DOL), formerly the Division of Professional Licensure, in accordance with Executive Order 593, signed by Governor Baker in February 2021.


The Executive Order directed the DOL to study interstate compacts and similar agreements relative to licensure for professions licensed by five boards under DOL’s purview. 


The professions covered by this order were identified by the Air Force and Department of Defense and include physical therapists (and physical therapy assistants); accountants; engineers; psychologists; and barbers and cosmetologists.


Upon implementation of this bill, Massachusetts will be able to participate in the Nurse Licensure Compact, the Physical Therapy Compact, and the Psychology Interjurisdictional Compact (PSYPACT). 

The participation in these compacts allows qualified practitioners from member states to obtain the ability to practice in Massachusetts via a streamlined process, which reduces regulatory burdens for these professionals while also enhancing access to care for the consumer. In turn, Massachusetts licensees would also benefit from the ability to practice in other states that are part of the compacts.

New Bedford v ABC

City Wins Major Legal Victory for New Bedford Taxpayers

New Bedford, Massachusetts – A Bristol County Superior Court jury decided in favor of the City of New Bedford today, issuing a clear ruling in the longstanding dispute with trash and recycling contractor ABC Disposal. 

The verdict issued by the nine-person jury ended a nearly two-week trial. The dispute revolved around ABC’s desire to raise the recycling prices it charges New Bedford in response to fluctuating costs in world markets. 

Today, the jury concluded that ABC cannot be released from its contract with the City, and that the City is not liable to ABC for any damages.  As a result, ABC must continue to perform under its current contract, which expires in 2023.

Mayor Jon Mitchell said he was pleased with the verdict, which reflected the city’s commitment to fighting for affordable services for New Bedford residents. 

“When it comes to defending the interests of city taxpayers, we won’t roll over,” he said. “I wish to thank our legal team—Lloyd Macdonald, Catherine Kramer, Mikaela McDermott, and Eric Jaikes—for their skillful and persistent effort.”

The City's dispute with ABC began in 2017, when ABC claimed that the City should pay ABC more money for the disposal of recyclables, despite the City’s 10-year, fixed-price contract with ABC. 

The cost of disposing of recyclables had become more expensive at that time due to a new policy issued by China known as the “National Sword” policy. The City sued ABC in May 2018 for charging more than its contract allowed, and ABC countersued in August of that year, saying that it was entitled to be released from its obligation to collect the City's recyclables, among other claims. It also sought nearly $2 million in damages.

In previous court proceedings, including some held during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Superior Court judges dismissed numerous ABC claims.
Today’s verdict ruled against the last of those claims. 

School Sends Home Student for Coughing

According to NBC 10, parents in Rhode Island are expressing their frustrations with school districts’ COVID-19 policies after they claim their children were sent home after coughing and sneezing in class.


One mother said her daughter was sent home after coughing in her special needs classroom and it has since impacted all of her kids. She said her daughter still isn’t showing symptoms and has tested negative, but she had to pull all of her children out of school that day.


A spokesperson for the Rhode Island Department of Education (RIDE), Victor Morente said policies are made at the local level and it’s up to school districts to decide when to send children home that might be showing symptoms. The superintendent of Johnston Public Schools said the district is following the guidance laid out in RIDE’s playbook.


With the cold and flu season approaching, parents fear how often their children will be sent home for coughs and sniffles. The district is still not providing children with the option of distance learning.

RI Hospital is Short Staffed

According to NBC 10, due to  leaves of absences, daily call-outs, and resignations, Rhode Island hospital was forced to close part of its emergency department Thursday. A Lifespan spokeswoman said the hospital is asking "patients who do not require emergent care contact their primary care physician or seek care at an urgent care facility."


The "C-Pod” has been used for different patient types, including a COVID isolation unit. Last month, the department of health formally announced its directive to require all licensed health care workers to be vaccinated against the Coronavirus by October 1. Rhode Island Hospital is also the only level 1 trauma center in the state.

MA Gov. Baker Talks Wind Energy in New Bedford

According to NBC 10, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker and Attorney General Maura Healey came to New Bedford Wednesday to celebrate the offshore wind industry location.


The two were in the city at the same time, but at different events. Baker was at the New Bedford Marine Commerce Terminal, the staging area for offshore wind farm construction, to highlight Climate Week. Attorney General Maura Healey toured New Bedford on Wednesday.


The city’s plan is to become the epicenter of a new offshore wind initiative. The Vineyard Wind Project is expected to be the nation’s first large-scale offshore wind project.


Construction is scheduled to begin next year, and to be finished in 2023. It also was approved by the Biden Administration earlier this year.

TD Garden COVID-19 Restrictions for Bruins

According to CBS 12 in Providence, the TD Garden in Boston will now be required to show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test result to enter.


The new policy isn’t just for fans, as it includes the players, referees, coaches, musicians, vendors and ushers The policy officially goes into effect on September 30 for the first home preseason game for the Boston Bruins of the season.


All guests over the age of 2 are also required to wear a face mask at TD garden, except while actively eating or drinking, until further notice.

Jasiel Correia Set for Six Years in Federal Prison

Former Fall River mayor Jasiel Correias fate has officially been decided this afternoon at the Moakley Federal Courthouse in Boston.


The former mayor of the city was sentenced to six years of incarceration by Federal Judge Douglas Woodlock.


Federal Prosecutor Zach Hafer said the government wanted a sentence of 132 months for Correia but the Judge, who referred to those he has incarcerated in the past who were set for 10 or more years and felt it wasn't meant for any good past the time he chose to be given, but nonetheless, the punishment needed to be made. Judge Woodlock stood by his stance on having Correia reprimanded for his actions to the city of Fall River.


Woodlock gave Correia a chance to speak but the former mayor denied by request of his defense. It is unclear at this time where Fall rivers' youngest mayor in history will spend his 72 month sentence.

Jasiel Correia II v The United States

Former Fall River Mayor Jasiel Correia II and his wife entered the Moakley Federal Courthouse at 10:35 A.M. this morning followed by his mother and father as the Correia awaits his fate during today's sentencing. Nine newsletter were released last night by the Federal Court, including one written by Correia's younger sister.


Judge Douglas Woodlock opened the hearing at 11:10 A.M. this morning beginning with more SnoOwl discussion on count “L” and “M” which deal with unreported income Correia's tax returns. Judge Woodlock was looking for more information on the two SnoOwl counts that are in regards to income tax fraud.


It is now part of the official trial record, former Fall River Mayor Jasiel Correia II was never offered, and apparently never asked, for a plea deal.


A break that was planned to be only five minutes long, lasted well past 10 minutes was wrapped and saw Defense Attorneys return to the courtroom.


Judge Woodlock opened up discussions as he asked about comments made to the Boston Globe. The Defense also addressed the subject of the plea deal when the courtroom reopened.


Judge Douglas Woodlock took another break and stated the sentencing phase would start at 1:30 P.M. He stated he wanted to review past corruption cases in the Commonwealth and decide what it is that Correia owes his victims and Fall River.


Federal Prosecutor Zach Hafer says the Government wants a sentence of 132 months for the former mayor, Jasiel Correia. The Defense says a sentence needs to be measured and that corruption has happened for thousands of years. Defense Attorney Fick says Correia “did a lot of good” for the city of Fall River.


Judge Woodlock said Correia was able to "sell himself out"; the judge asked of Correia that he "can't conceive how you could have done this." The Judge noted that the former Fall River Mayor "has extraordinary gifts" and a close family. Judge Woodlock also noted past and present Boston history in terms of political corruptions. 


Judge Douglas Woodlock has stated that Jasiel Correia II will be incarcerated to 6 years or 72 months.


~Follow WSAR’s coverage here for LIVE updates and on 1480 AM 95.9 FM~

A New Charter School Could Be ComingĀ 

According to the digital edition of the Fall River Herald, a group of local business leaders and educators have proposed a new regional charter school serving low-income, at-risk students in the Fall River and New Bedford area. 


Innovators Charter School, will be a STEM-focused charter school modeled after New Heights Charter School in Brockton, and would open in the Fall of 2022, if approved by the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education. 


New Heights centers around an early college program that sees students take classes at a local community college while still in high school. Jack Sbrega, former president of BCC, speaks about the proposed new charter school to be built in either New Bedford or Fall River.

New Heights Charter was founded six years ago, and in May, as they recorded 46 of its 89 seniors graduating high school with an associate's degree


Charter school opponents point to the fact that charter schools take away resources from the traditional public schools. New Heights itself faced criticism from Brockton area educators, elected officials and some community members.

Aldi is Coming to Dartmouth

According to the digital edition of the Fall River Herald, the grocery store chain Aldi, will be officially opening in the Dartmouth Mall located next to Burlington on September 23. Aldi says it will offer Dartmouth residents “another option for smart, fast and easy grocery shopping” when it opens its store at 200 North Dartmouth Mall next Thursday.


Since 1976, Aldi has operated more than 2,000 stores in 37 states and says it’s on track to become the third-largest U.S. grocery retailer by the end of 2022. The chain has other store locations in Raynham, Brockton, Wareham and Plymouth, Fall River and Middletown, Rhode Island.


The store will be open daily from 9 A.M. to 8 P.M.

Fall River's 5K for Kids

According to the digital edition of the Fall River Herald, the 11th annual Fall River 5K for Kids begins tomorrow, September 18. The event, sponsored by Primacare and organized by the Salvation Army of Fall River, will be held at Holiday Inn Express, 360 Airport Road, Fall River.


According to the Salvation Army of Fall River, nearly 1 in 5 Fall River residents is living in poverty. The proceeds of the Fall River 5K for Kids will enable the nonprofit to provide at-risk children and teens with a summer they won't forget. Funds raised will be used for scholarships to send deserving youth to Camp Wonderland, the Salvation Army's summer camp in Massachusetts. 


Check-in on race day is at 8:30 A.M. and the event will start at 10 A.M. A fee of $20 to participate and prizes include $100 for the overall male and female winner, as well as additional awards for the first male and female in each age group.

Galvin Clamps Down on MassMutual


            Secretary of the Commonwealth William F. Galvin today ordered MML Investors Services, LLC, a subsidiary of MassMutual, to overhaul their social media policies and pay a $4 million fine over the company’s failure to supervise agents, including Keith Gill, who is also known on some social media sites as “Roaring Kitty.”

Under consent orders signed this week, MassMutual has agreed to undergo an independent compliance review of its social media policies and trading by its broker-dealer agents. The company will also be subject to a 3-year compliance audit.

According to the consent order, Gill was employed by MassMutual from April 2019 until January 2021, a period in which he frequently posted videos and other materials online regarding investments and trading. The period of Gill’s employment overlapped with his involvement in the GameStop and meme stock frenzy that occurred in late 2020 and early 2021.

The consent order details inadequate supervision of broker-dealer agents, including Gill, by MassMutual, which failed to review social media usage or catch excessive trading in the personal accounts of agents.

While employed by MassMutual, Gill was responsible for creating educational content for use by MassMutual broker-dealer agents to present to individuals. At the same time that Gill was preparing investor education materials, he posted more than 250 hours of videos on YouTube detailing investment strategies, which went unnoticed by his employer, as did at least 590 securities-related tweets posted by Gill.

“It’s clear that MassMutual was not as diligent as it should have been in supervising its employees,” Galvin said. “It took the media less than a day to identify the person behind the Roaring Kitty posts, while his own employer took no notice of his online persona.”

The inquiry opened by Galvin’s Securities Division in January showed that MassMutual failed to detect or monitor nearly 1,700 trades effected by Gill in the accounts of three other individuals, as well as transactions effected by Gill that were nearly double MassMutual’s per-transaction limit of $250,000. Also without notice of his employer, Gill was able to execute at least two trades in GameStop in excess of $700,000.

In addition to the $4 million administrative fine and the independent compliance review, MassMutual has also agreed to train its broker-dealer agents concerning social media and personal trading. An inquiry into Keith Gill’s registration in Massachusetts is still pending.

In a separate consent order also entered against MMLIS, Galvin has also ordered that company to seek registration of 478 broker-dealer agents and pay a $750,000 administrative fine.

RI-DEM statement on George Wein

PROVIDENCE – The Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management (DEM) is issuing the following statement regarding the death of George Wein.


Mr. Wein, 95, created the Newport Jazz Festival in 1954 and the Newport Folk Festival in 1959. The festivals play at Fort Adams State Park, which is managed by DEM.

“George Wein was a gentleman and a legend whose genius consisted in presenting music on a grand scale in the open air. Nobody put on shows quite like him.


Ultimately, his greatest creations – the Newport Jazz and Folk Festivals – found their home at Fort Adams State Park, which DEM is proud to manage.


Thanks to Mr. Wein’s vision, the Newport Festivals Foundation (NFF) and DEM entered into an agreement in 2018 to continue presenting the iconic festivals at Fort Adams until 2043. Mr. Wein’s civic-mindedness was evident in NFF’s expanding philanthropic music education and artist relief programs. DEM offers Mr. Wein’s family and friends, his colleagues at the Newport Festivals Foundation and throughout the music industry, and his legions of fans around the world our sincerest sympathies for your loss.”

Tiverton is Getting an Ice Rink

Tiverton could be home to a proposed ice rink in Rhode Island, to be named the LongPlex Family and Sports Center. Developers presented plans to the Tiverton Planning Board this week, according to the digital edition of the Newport Daily News to add an adjacent building that would house a pair of NHL-complaint sheets of ice for year round public use. 


LongPlex owner Jim Long told Tiverton's planning board that ice time can be hard to obtain, and various schools and colleges have asked about the proposal. Indoor tennis and pickleball courts are part of the proposal as well. The new building would sit on nearly 16 acres. 

JCII Sentencing on Monday

Convicted former Fall River Mayor Jasiel Correia will learn Monday Morning in Courtroom One in the Moakley Federal Courthouse in Boston how long he will be incarcerated in Federal Prison after being conivcted in May of 21 of 24 counts. 


The start time has moved up to 11am EDT, and the proceedure will be on Zoom via the Federal Court System. 


Prosecutors have suggested an 11 year prison term while the Correia Defense Team has advocated for a 3 year term. 


Letters written by Correia's wife and other family members are urging Federal Judge Douglas Woodlock to be merciful to Correia, while prosecutors have indicated that Correia has shown no remorse for SnoOwl investors or others who were impacted by Correia's crimes. 

Patriots Jets Sunday

The Patriots have opened as 5 point road favorites Sunday versus the New York Jets at Met Life Stadium after squandering their opener with Miami the prior Sunday in Foxboro. 


The Patriots Radio Network will come to life on WHTB 1400 Sunday at 10am with a 1 pm kickoff...


Week 3 will have the Patirots on WSAR versus the Saints. 

Red Sox Win

The Red Sox take 2 of 3 from the Seattle Mariners, as the Sox, Yankees, and Toronto are being pursued by Oakland and Seattle for the two American League Wild Card slots that will send two teams to a one game playoff to play the number one seed in an ALDS in October. 


The Sox win by a 9-3 margin in 10 innings Wednesday NIght. 


The Sox are off on Thursday and will start an eight game home stand with Baltimore at Fenway Park on Friday. 

MassDOT in Raynham

MassDOT Advisory: Raynham
Pavement Marker Installation on Route 44 over Route 24
Overnight closures from 8 p.m. on Thursday, September 16 to 5 a.m. on Friday, September 17 
RAYNHAM – The Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) is announcing it will be installing recessed pavement markers along Route 44 in Raynham as part of the Route 44 over Route 24 Bridge Replacement Project.


The work will require intermittent overnight ramp closures from 8:00 p.m. on Thursday, September 16 to 5:00 a.m. on Friday morning, September 17. 


The closures and detours will be as follows: 
•    Route 44 eastbound to Route 24 northbound and southbound ramp closure: drivers should continue on Route 44 eastbound to Paramount Drive, turn left onto Route 44 westbound and take the appropriate ramp.
•    Route 44 westbound to Route 24 northbound ramp closure: drivers should continue on Route 44 westbound to turn right on South Street westbound. From South Street westbound, drivers should turn left on Route 104 to turn left onto Route 44 eastbound. From Route 44 eastbound, take the appropriate ramp.

The Drought on The Cape

Cape Cod Region Remains in Mild Drought
Majority of Commonwealth Continues to Experience Above Average Rainfall
BOSTON — With the month of August delivering above average precipitation numbers throughout much of Massachusetts, Energy and Environmental Affairs Secretary Kathleen Theoharides has declared all regions in the state at Level 0-Normal Conditions with the exception of the Cape Cod region, which remains at a Level 1-Mild Drought.


Today’s drought declaration, which reflect conditions through the end of August 2021, remains unchanged from the July 2021 designations. As outlined in the Massachusetts Drought Management Plan, a Level 1-Mild Drought warrants detailed monitoring of drought conditions, close coordination among state and federal agencies, and technical outreach and assistance to the affected municipalities.


Officials will continue monitoring the region closely to better understand if there are any improvements from recent precipitation events.


FRPD Noise And Traffic Arrests

On September 10, 2021, The Fall River Police Department conducted an operation in the areas of Plymouth Ave. and Rhode Island Ave. due to the recent increase in motor vehicle infractions.


Members of the Special Operations Division conducted the operation on the evening of September 10th which led to twenty three motor vehicle citations being issued for loud exhausts, loud radios and various other motor vehicle infractions.

    The Fall River Police Department is aware of this ongoing issue which has affected the quality of life for the citizens of Fall River. The Fall River Police Department plans to conduct similar operations in the future to combat these issues.

Braga Bridge Sign Work

Overhead Sign Structure Removal Operations on the Braga Bridge
Work will take place on Thursday, September 16, starting at 9 p.m.,
and finishing by Friday at 5 a.m.  
FALL RIVER/SOMERSET - The Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) is announcing it will be removing an overhead sign structure on the Braga Bridge located on I-195 eastbound over the Taunton River in Fall River and Somerset.


 The work will take place beginning at 9 p.m. on Thursday, September 16, and finishing by 5:00 a.m. on Friday.  The two right lanes and the breakdown lane on I-195 eastbound will be temporarily closed to allow crews to safely and effectively perform the work. 

Food Insecurity in MA

Baker-Polito Administration Announces $15 Million in Support for the Food Security Infrastructure Grant Program
Second Round of Funding Will Increase Access to Fresh Local Food, Strengthen Local Food System
BOSTON — Building on investments to address food insecurity among Massachusetts residents, the Baker-Polito Administration today announced it has made available $15 million in funding through a second round of its Food Security Infrastructure Grant Program. The funding will enable the Administration to continue to implement the recommendations of the Food Security Task Force, which was convened last year by the Massachusetts COVID-19 Command Center in response to increased demands for food assistance. 

Taunton Man Shot

According to NBC 10, a 40-year-old man was shot while walking in Taunton last night. Taunton police said the shooting happened at about 6 P.M. on Bay Street.


The man, who's from Taunton, was shot in the left arm, and was taken to the hospital with injuries, but they are not believed to be life-threatening. Police said officers searched the area but did not find any suspects. Investigators said they are searching for a gray SUV or crossover SUV that's being driven by a white man with shaggy hair. The vehicle was last seen north on Bay Street, according to police.