Mayor Coogan has big plans for new trolley

A brand new bookmobile and an old-fashioned style trolley have arrived in the city purchased with American Rescue Plan Act funding. 


Tuesday, a very excited Mayor Paul Coogan got the call that the city’s handicap accessible trolley was delivered to the Department of Community Maintenance facility on Lewiston Street, and immediately drove over from Government Center to check it out. 


“This really is going to be nice for the city,” said Coogan, who has plans to be getting it in operation by summer to take residents and tourists on a loop from the waterfront to areas around downtown. “It will allow us to take people around, especially tourists. It really is a heck of a hike up that hill from the waterfront to Main Street.” 


The city purchased the trolley for $60,000. Coogan said the trolley will display the city logo and could be rented out for outside events to help pay for its upkeep and driver.


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