Gov. Healey defends nomination of former domestic partner to state Supreme Judicial Court

BOSTON — Gov. Maura Healey defended her nomination of associate state Appeals Court Justice Gabrielle Wolohojian, her former romantic partner of many years, to an open seat on the state Supreme Judicial Court.


“There is no one more qualified, there is no one more prepared to join the Supreme Judicial Court,” Healey said in response to criticism from the state Republican Committee that the appointment smacked of nepotism. “That’s not just my position, but overwhelmingly the position from the Nomination Commission and from the legal community.”


The Supreme Judicial Court seat opened with the resignation last week of Justice David A. Lowy.


“I am proud of the nomination,” Healey said, explaining that the greatest responsibility of her role as governor is to nominate the most qualified people to fill vacancies on Massachusetts benches in its courts.


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