Fall River police investigating 'disgusting' vandalism at waterfront Iwo Jima Memorial

FALL RIVER — “It’s a punch in the gut.” 


That’s the reaction from Marine Corps League Commandant Bruce Aldrich when he found out vandals had desecrated Fall River’s replica Iwo Jima Memorial located in Veterans Memorial Bicentennial Park with painted graffiti.


Aldrich, who has dedicated the last 10 years to looking after the monument, which honors Marine Corps soldiers who fought and died defending the United States since 1775, found out about the vandalism on Saturday. 


The vandals used yellow spray paint, drawing phallic symbols and signs on the statue depicting Marines raising the American flag. 


Aldrich said the vandalism likely occurred about a week earlier, and he has since discovered someone spray-painted another memorial in the park, damaging a granite pedestal and a plaque. 


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