A Former FRPD Officer Facing Charges Reported to be Lying About Arrest

According to the Digital Edition of The Fall River Herald News, former Fall River police officer Michael Pessoa and fellow officers have been reported as  knowingly lying about the arrest of a city resident in February 2019, then fabricated police reports to cover up an assault by the veteran patrol officer that was injured and latter led to his false arrest. Pessoa's defense attorney, Frank Camera, stated  Pessoa was justified to “take Lafrance down” when officers encountered the "belligerent and drunken man" after receiving a complaint of an altercation with a neighbor. At least two prosecution witnesses testified with immunity in a grand jury in 2019 when Pessoa was indicted on multiple charges.


Pessoa, in the trial involving Lafrance, faces one count each for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon; civil rights violations, intimidating a witness; and a false report by a public official.