NB Man Arrested on Assault

According to CBS 12 in Providence, a former New Bedford man convicted of assaulting a woman nearly two decades ago and will spend at least eight years behind bars. The 54 year old David Reed, pleaded guilty last week to armed assault with intent to murder, armed robbery and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. Reed hit the victim with a tire iron in June 2003 and stole her purse before leaving her for dead. More than a month later, Quinn said the victim spotted Reed circling her neighborhood in his truck when The woman called her family and friends, who all climbed into a minivan and began following Reed’s truck. The victim’s friends and family were able to flag down an officer, who Quinn said immediately called for backup. Reed was arrested and charged with robbery and assault, but was later released on bail fleeing the state in May 2004 and settled in Alabama, where he was eventually arrested in 2015. Despite catching Reed, the charges against him were dropped soon after.


Reed was sentenced to serve between eight and 12 years in prison for the assault and is also awaiting trial in connection with the 2001 killing of his half-sister, Rose Marie Moniz, after  dna evidence linked him to the crime.