Proposed Septic System Regulations for Local Homeowners

According to CBS 12 in Providence, Massachusetts lawmakers have filed legislation regarding proposed septic system regulations that could cost homeowners tens of thousands of dollars. The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Management, also known as DEP, last year introduced a proposal that would require residents in several communities to upgrade their septic systems. The proposal was created in an effort to control the amount of nitrogen pollution entering waterways. The proposal as it stands right now could require homeowners in parts of Dartmouth, New Bedford, Westport and Fall River to spend up to $50,000 to upgrade their systems in the next five years. Dartmouth Board of Health Director Chris Michaud believes the DEP changes are short-sighted and hopes the legislation will be a “wake up call” for the state.


The DEP is still accepting written comments regarding the proposed changes through Jan. 30, and are also holding two more remote hearings on the issue tomorrow and Wednesday.