Fall River's Largest Cemetery Approved to Spend

The city’s largest cemetery, Oak Grove is home to tens of thousands of those connected to Fall River that have been buried there since 1855 as the location is known for being on the National Register of Historic Places,  where the city fathers, notable natives, infamous public figures, artists, housewives, bankers, teachers, sons and daughters lay to rest. According to the digital edition of The Fall River Herald News, it is also a limited area of land that will, one day, run out of space. Chris Parayno, Fall River's director of Cemeteries and Trees,  is keeping it alive as long as possible with a million-dollar expansion, new options including places for cremation and possibly more burial spaces in the historic section, and now a master plan to ensure its future for many decades to come. The Board of Park Commissioners recently approved the spending of $52,000 to have consultants BSC Group develop a master plan. The idea is to get a comprehensive look at all the cemetery’s resources, from acreage, manpower to  grass seed.