Social Media Issues at B-M-C Durfee

The following is the text of a release issued Wednesday Morning by Administrators at BMC Durfee High School:

Fall River, MA. (November 24, 2021) – Interim Superintendent, Maria Pontes was notified late last night that a student shared a screenshot of a threatening post and that this post was circulating on Instagram. 

The Fall River Police Department was contacted immediately and they launched an investigation. The post and the page where the post was located were immediately taken down. 

We learned that the posting was made outside of Massachusetts and The Fall River Police Department deemed that it was not a credible threat and therefore did not warrant the closure of school. 

Out of an abundance of caution, we will continue with our increased police presence and will be conducting morning safety checks on random days. 

This investigation is ongoing. If the post is traced back to a Fall River Public Schools student, that individual will be criminally charged and face disciplinary action in accordance with the Fall River Public Schools Code of Conduct.

The safety of our students and staff continues to be our priority.  We will continue to collaborate with our partners, The Fall River Police Department, as issues of this nature come up and respond in a way that balances public safety with your child’s educational needs. We thank you all for your continued support.