New Bedford Police Have New Gang Plan

According to NBC 10, law enforcement in New Bedford is trying to get ahead by knowing who may retaliate and be targeted next by collecting information on them using a point system to help classify those who are gang affiliated, taking 20 points to be classified as a gang-affiliate.



Previously, there would be no way for an individual to know if they were on the list because it wasn't not a public record. Now, there are mail notifications and the opportunity to meet with investigators.



Currently, there are 31 active gangs in New Bedford with over 580 validated gang members and police are looking for a better solution to tackle the issue. Social media has been known to be used for recruitment, retaliation, and to fuel tensions between them.



The New Bedford police are working with an outside agency to comb through every one of its policies to determine if updates are necessary. A new policy book is expected to be finalized by the end of the year.