Four Witnesses Take The Stand For The Prosecution in United States v Correia II

The 1:15 portion of testimony Tuesday inside the Moakley Federal Courthouse's Courtroom 1 started with a most curious scene, and then ended with a witness sent home by mistake. 


Four witnesses for the prosecution, all original investors in SnoOwl, took the stand in Correia v United States, with all four saying they found the former Fall River Mayor to be charismatic, with Correia allegedly telling them that he had sold a prior app on Facebook, and was living off the proceeds, while also owning four commercial buildings in Fall River. 


Correia and officers from SnoOwl also convinced the four that said SnoOwl was to be sold to a Texas based firm. 


Before testimony started for the afternoon session, the zoom feed from inside the courtroom showed Correia talking to his mother and his girlfriend at the Defense Table, while showing them various documents, and also seeming frustrated at what had gone on thus far at trial. 


Correia then took some documents from the stack of his defense attorney and placed them into a folder that he has carried into court since the start of the trial. 


A pool reporter inside the courtroom indicated that Correia, his mother and Reddington met privately before the start of the afternoon portion of the trial. 


(the photo used here is with the permission of the Fall River Herald News)