JCII v United States Day 2 of Testimony

Day 2 of the lineup of Prosecution Witnesses in the trial of United States v Jasiel Correia II continues with Dr, David Cabeceiras, who was one of the initial SnoOwl investors , as Prosecution Attorneys incorporated documents and copies of canceled checks.


Cabecerias was asked about emails regarding his investment sent by various SnoOwl Offices.  


The morning began with admonishments of those involved in the trial to get to the Moakley Federal Courthouse on time as the day began at 9:40am EDT. 


Judge Douglas Woodlock also wants any schedule changes in writing. 


Those watching the trial via the Zoom Feed were admonished to turn their video feeds off.


As testimony started, a little over 200 viewers were watching the trial; some 250 were watching the opening statements on Monday.