The JCII Trial--The Opening Arguments

The Prosecution and Defense began the trial of United States v Jasiel Correia II in Federal Court in Boston Monday Morning, as the Government Prosecutors allege that Correia spent thousands on expensive meals and hotel rooms, and that 79K was spent on the SnoOwl App, and that, if the six figures invested were spent on the development, ''this app could have been something''. 


Prosecutors used documents in the case, including bank records of alleged kickbacks from his former Chief of Staff, Gen Andrade. 


in his opening arguments, Defense Attorney Kevin Reddington says his client was working on SnoOwl on a 24 hour a day basis, and that there was nothing in agreements with investors prohibiting spending on personal expenses. 

Reddington outlined that Correia did not dupe anyone, and that there was no misrepresentation. 


(the photo used was originally published by the Fall River Herald News)