An Update On Massachusetts Unemployment

There has now been a decrease for the second week in a row of unemployment claims in Massachusetts. 


From June 14 to June 20 there were 29,541 people who filed an initial claim - a decrease of 443 from the previous week. 


Between March 15 and June 20, the Commonwealth surpassed a million total initial claims at 1,028,424. Continued claims at 558,269 was down 11,170 - two percent from the previous week.


For the fourth week in a row Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) decreased. For the week ending June 20 there were 14,131 claims filed which was down 1,761 from the previous week.


Since April 20 of this year there have been 624,091 claimants that have filed an initial claim for the PUA. 


The Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) which provides up to 13 weeks of extended benefits to those in need began on May 21. Since then, a total of 54,641 claims have been filed for it. 


Since the announcement of the worldwide pandemic in March, customer service at the Department of Unemployment Assistance has grown exponentially. In March there were 50 employees and now there are nearly 2,000.