Fireworks Lighting Up Fall River On A Nightly Basis

Fireworks have been an issue nationwide, lately. Fall River has been no stranger to the loud and bright nightly shows in various pockets of the city.


Mayor Paul Coogan addressed these concerns before Tuesday’s city council session. 


He said that his administration in conjunction with the police department will cooperate on a community policing effort in hopes of ending the ongoing fireworks issue. 


"We started a North and a South patrol of unmarked cars with two police exclusively chasing fireworks,” he said. “When they see an explosion, they go to it. Last night (Monday night) we had 20 calls and they had 7 engagements with people who were lighting off fireworks."


Mayor Coogan went on to explain what exactly he means by the term “community policing.”


"When they catch up with these people with fireworks, it's informative,” he said. “They explain to them what they're doing wrong.”


It seems that some were unaware of the Massachusetts statute that makes all fireworks illegal to possess and use throughout the state. 


“Some people they found in The Flint didn't even know that fireworks were illegal,” Mayor Coogan said. “We confiscated them. And that's what we're trying to do - get the city to be able to sleep at night. That's what we're working on.”


Fireworks are legal in our neighbor state in Rhode Island. There are concerns the Ocean State’s fireworks retailers advertise to and target Massachusetts residents. 


“Children, the elderly, myself - we all want to sleep at night,” the Fall River Mayor said. “We don't want to hear fireworks all night so the Chief has made a concerted effort to really tackle this and let's see how it goes. We'll try to stay on top of it."