A Pair Of Suspects Apprehended In Fall River's June 1st Shooting

A pair of suspects were apprehended in connection with the June 1st shooting in the area of the Cozy Kettle Restaurant location on Mariano Bishop Boulevard. 


A second report of shots fired also took place in the area where Tucker and Laurel Streets intersect. 


Two vehicles were identified as being involved in a roving shootout with multiple shots fired. 


A third shooting scene was described to have happened in the area bordering Eclipse and Star Streets.


Fall River’s Miguel Ramos of a Family Street residence was apprehended. Police say they also found a Taurus PT-738, with two loaded firearms. 


The second suspect was found in Brockton over the weekend as Naszeir Pina was arrested without incident. 


Fall River’s Police Chief Jeffrey Cardoza said the Major Crimes Division continues to investigate the incident. 


“The Fall River Police Department will commit all of our resources to charge those involved in the shootings,” Fall River’s nest Police Chief said.