Fall River State Of The City Postponed Due To COVID-19

Fall River’s State of the CIty Address has been postponed in response to the World Health Organization officially claiming the COVID-19 Virus is a pandemic. 


The Coogan Administration citing what it terms “an abundance of caution” is postponing the address, which was supposed to go on this Monday at 6 p.m, until the State of Emergency is lifted.


In a release issued on Wednesday, the 6th floor admits that “although strict compliance of section 3-6 of the city’s charter cannot occur, the administration believes that an address that is open to the public takes priority over certain time constraints.”


The Fall River Board of Health Director Tess Curran told WSAR it's important to wash your hands with soap and water as well as stay home if you feel sick.


"Taking preventative measures is key to reducing the risk of any type of the virus,” she said.


A major component to why this has become a pandemic is the lack of information or knowledge on the virus. 


"Right now, there are a lot of unknowns but we're learning more every day,” Curran said. “This hasn't been seen in humans before so we're learning as we go.” 


Numbers from the C.D.C confirm it has a much higher mortality rate than influenza. 


“The mortality rate is at about 3.4%,” Curran said. “The flu mortality rate is significantly lower than that at about 0.1%."


Thus far, cases in the Commonwealth have yet to pop in Bristol County or anywhere south of the Greater Boston area or the interior of the state.


"The risks are that we don't know enough about it,” Curran said. “We don't have a vaccine or treatment for the virus at this time."