Fall River City Council Ensured Net School Spending For FY-19

The Fall River City Council approved a request to move 1.8 million dollars from the city’s stabilization fund to lock up net school spending for FY-2019. 


One million dollars went into an employer trust fund while just over $870,000 was delivered to a school appropriation line item. 


This move ensured net school spending would reach 100% for FY-2019. 


Fall River Chief Financial Officer and the Interim City Administrator Mary Sahady explained how it was done. 


"We have been tracking health insurance costs for FY-2019,” she said. “We made several million dollar transfers, this being the third, from health insurance to the school department to sure up the net school spending amount. We did it so we could reach one hundred percent in net school spending."


Fall River City Councilor Shawn Cadime called out the prior administration to make it clear that the numbers released from the Governor’s office will never be realistic and basing projections on that is disingenuous.


"When the administration was committing to one-hundred and one percent, it was just false advertising,” he said. “It was just smoke and mirrors as we got from that administration.”


Cadime said everyone needs to keep those they put in power in check. 


“It was always going to be either one hundred percent or less based on what real numbers the conference committee produced,” he said. “I think it's important when we hear elected officials committing to something that we hold them accountable."