The Jasiel Correia Documentary Is To Be Called "Run This CIty"

The infamous and upcoming documentary that tells the tale of Former Recalled Fall River Mayor Jasiel Correia II has found a home and a title. 


A new, experimental video streaming service called Quibi has decided to distribute the project titled, Run This City. The name is short for “quick bites” which will be the novelty of the platform and what will separate it from services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon which produce full-length content.


Quibi will release its content in bite-sized chapters, all less than ten minutes.So, we can assume the documentary will be broken up into parts over a period of time. 


You will only be able to experience the documentary through this app and only on your phone. The service will not be intended for your television or computer. 


Quibi will be available for download on April 6th. A release date of the Mark Wahlberg-produced documentary on the former mayor is unknown at this time. 


The director of the project is Brent Hodge, who is also co-producing.