Mayor Paul Coogan Talks Legal Cannabis In Fall River

The cannabis business in Fall River is booming. 


A third dispensary will most likely make its way into the city’s rotation before the end of 2020 and join Northeast Alternatives and Hope Heal Health. 


A major concern for the city and its mayor is the traffic congestion at the Northeast Alternatives location at the border of Rhode Island. Its hoped that the addition of Hope Heal Health and a future shop will alleviate those issues. 


"When you have only one open in a city this big sitting on the Rhode Island border, it's fraught with disaster,” Fall River Mayor Paul Coogan said. “Twenty-five percent of the customers at Northeast were from out-of-state with fifty percent from Fall River.”


Mayor Coogan said he’s mostly concerned with that fifty percent number and how it will dictate the addition of future dispensaries in Fall River. 


“I'm hoping those north of Bedford Street try Hope Heal Health and if they like it then like I said after one or two more dispensaries, I'd like the city to take a pause and see where to go from there,” he said.


The Fall River Mayor said that the city’s second dispensary is making progress since opening in early February. 


"I did speak with Hope Heal Health,” Coogan said. “They just trained 15 more people. They are expanding their dispensary hours to mirror what's going on at Northeast opening an hour earlier once the new people are trained.” 


He continued, “they said the business is on a steady increase. Every day, they are picking up more and more customers."


Rhode Island, currently, has yet to legalize cannabis recreationally.