Council Approves A Pair Of Loan Orders

A pair of loan orders were approved last night at the Fall River CIty Council session.


The first was for $2.1 million for snow removal equipment. 


Community Maintenance Director John Perry talked about the new equipment that should be coming in soon


"The trucks are ordered,” he said. “They are being manufactured as we speak. I confirmed with the vendor today that the first two trucks will be in on Thursday.” 


Perry continued, “and then six will be in shortly thereafter. There are a total of fourteen trucks on the order so hopefully in the next week and half we have the first eight in and ready to go."


Three of the trucks will be used throughout the entire year while the remaining 11 will be used for only snow removal in the Winter months. 


"Some are multi-purposed so I bought three of them,” Perry said. “They have dump bodies so we will remove the salters in the Spring, Fall and Summer and use them for our concrete and asphalt crews. The rest will be serviced and housed for those months and only used in the Winter season."


The second loan order was for street repair which was created when council, last month, rejected the remaining streetscapes. The amount for this loan order is $2.2 million. 


Perry discussed the relationship with Liberty Utilities that the city has had in regards to various street repairs. 


"I know our issues with Liberty are well-documented throughout the year,” he said. “It may be hard to believe but we have made strides with them."


The Community Maintenance Director said everyone has learned a lesson in regards to the Chapter 90 street projects.


"We have learned from our mistakes and going forward those won't be repeated,” he said. “If I have anything to do with it, there will be accountability. We will keep as many eyes as possible on those projects to make sure that proper oversight is being maintained throughout the entire project."


Council also approved a decision by the Committee on Regulations regarding Cumberland Farm Gas Tanks which will hold 48,000 gallons underground. The proposed STevens street location for a new Cumberland Farms will likely operate 24/7.