Cannabis Control Commission Requests Interview Reports

The U.S District Judge in charge of Correia V. The United States of America agreed to a request by the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission to review the interview reports of those identified in the second superseding against the former Fall River Mayor handed down last September. 


Five prospective cannabis vendors were interviewed by federal investigators. 


The information contained will now be used by the Commission in terms of its own investigation. They will look at how and why certain cities and towns handed out letters of non-opposition and host agreements for recreational licensure. 


Back in September, United States Attorney Andrew Lelling was unclear about the status of the remaining letters of non-opposition and host agreements in the pipeline when asked by WSAR. 


“The status of those applications are not up to my office,” he said. “As to whether currently the commission considers them valid or not valid or what those vendors should, I honestly don’t know.”


He also told WSAR back in September this wasn’t just an issue for Fall River but one across the state that could be an epidemic. 


“My understanding is that it is not unique,” Lelling said. “Many towns in the Commonwealth give their local head of government, usually mayor, sole discretion in granting letters. We are concerned and we may or may not look into that issue.”


If the Cannabis Control Commission wants to make its information public, it must return to the federal courts for permission.