Joe Kennedy III Reacts To State Of The Union Address

President Trump gave his third and what could be his final State of the Union Address earlier this week. 


Hours prior to the speech, the White House to Massachusetts media sent information touting aspects of the Commonwealth’s economy. It was claimed that the state’s falling poverty rate has lifted 62,000 people out.


Other things praised by the Trump Administration was the wage increase by five percent for Massachusetts workers over the last year.


The COmmonwealth’s 4th District Congressman who is running against Ed Markey for a U.S Senate Seat had much to say about the man in charge and his words earlier in the week. 


Kennedy called Trump  ''a man who has proven himself incapable of practicing the unity he preaches during his State of the Union Address.” 


Kennedy also said in his reactions that this leadership group is only in this for themselves. 


“This administration has never judged its own success by the success of our neighbors,” he said. “It has only sought to consolidate power at the expense of those it silences.”