John Perry Talks Recycling Education In Fall River

In a post Pay-As-You-Throw Era in Fall River, the Director of Community Maintenance indicated the city has begun an education program on the proper ways to recycle. 


John Perry made it clear the goal is to keep recyclings as clean as possible to keep as many toxins out as possible. 


"We're going to start an education pu,” he said..” We started with the schools last year. We gave them some demonstrations to get the kids involved. I think that’s a big piece. Eventually, those children are going to be our recycling producers.”


Perry continued, “they'll be the ones putting it out on the curbside and if they're recycling responsibly our contamination rates will be lower."


The question of shipping internationally out our recycling was brought up. Perry said Fall River has to build-up a stock of recycling to begin that process. If the youth in Fall River are educated on the proper ways of recycling, this can become a main option for the city. 


"Once the market does call for the need for more recycling to be shipped to these countries, the initial recycling that we’re putting out on our curbside as residents won't be what they receive,” he said. “They'll get stockpiles of recycling that have been baled and stored.”


The Director of Community Maintenance said that this will not be something that happens overnight. 


“It will take a while for the consumer recycling to be what’s in demand,” Perry said. “When that happens is when market price turns back."