Hope Heal Health Will Open Door To Recreational Cannabis This Friday

Hope Heal Health will begin selling recreational cannabis this Friday, February 7th. 


They became the second dispensary in the City of Fall River to sell cannabis, recreationally and began selling medicinally in February of 2019.


The store is located at a renovated mill on West Street which will also cultivate the product.


The first store, Northeast Alternatives, is located on the North End of the city near the border of Tiverton. Business has done so well that there have been issues of traffic concerns and noise complaints for those in the surrounding neighborhood.


Mayor Paul Coogan is hopeful with Hope Heal Health beginning to sell recreationally that those issues will be solved. 


"Right now, Northeast Alternatives has a monopoly in the city of Fall River on recreational marijuana,” he said. “If we can open up a few places, I have to believe the traffic will lessen quickly up there.”


Coogan continued, “just for the mere fact that people don't want to wait in line that long. People don't want to be jumping around the block three times to park.” 


The Fall River Mayor believes this is going to benefit everyone. 


“I think if there’s other places they can go, it will be good for the community,” Coogan said. “It will be good for the residents up there. And it's going to help financially in Fall River.”