Swansea's Town Administrator Takes Indefinite Medical Leave

An indefinite medical leave was approved for Swansea’s Town Administrator on Friday and someone who is no stranger to the area was selected in the interim. 


James Purcell will take over for John MacAuliffe as Swansea’s Acting Town Administrator as MacAuliffe will deal with medical concerns. 


Purcell has a storied history in this capacity across various communities in the Commonwealth. 


Steven Kitchin, a Swansea Selectman, listed Purcell’s accomplishments in the field and highlighted his experience.


"For those of you who don't know James Purcell, he served as Town Manager for the town of Norton, Massachusetts between 2003 and 2011,” he said. “He served as Town Administrator in the town of Leicester, Massachusetts between 1995 and 2003.” 


It seems as though Purcell is an expert when it comes to filling in the interim for Massachusetts cities and towns when they are in need. 


“He has conducted interim appointments in such communities as North Andover, Sherborn, Ashland, Carver, Swansea, West Boylston, Douglas, Leicester, Avon and most recently Rockland," Kitchin said.


A second Selectmen member, Chris Carreiro, approved of the selection and praised Purcell in their time working together. 


"I have worked with Mr. Purcell back in 2015 during the transition from our Town Administrator Jim Kearn to John MacAuliffe,” he said. “I thought he did an outstanding job. It's difficult to come in and hit the ground running. But Mr. Purcell seems to be successful at that."


Purcell was incredibly humble in accepting the position and happy to lend a hand. 


"The circumstances are certainly much different than the time I first served here,” he said. “But it is my pleasure to assist John and the Town of Swansea as well as this board. I would be most pleased."


This is the second time Purcell will fill in the interim as Town Administrator in Swansea.