Possible New Fall River Cumberland Farms Location

During a hearing on the installation of a pair of Cumberland Farms 24-thousand gallon tanks at this week’s city council session, a new store location moving to Fall River was discussed.


At the public hearing traffic, deliveries and their operations was discussed. The new location would be near the Wal-Mart.


"This is something I have already spoken to Bill Roth about - our City Planner who is excellent,” Pam Laliberte-Lebeau said. “As far as Cumberland Farms goes, I think I said it at the session that there's certain steps in the process. One of those steps in the citing process is not public input."


The city council vice president talked about how public input was not an official part of this process. 


"This is the fault of the city, certainly not Cumberland Farms, that we don't have this step in the process,” she said. “It is a step in other processes depending on the permit. So, what you have is residents reaching out to councilors, to whatever councilor they feel comfortable talking to in an attempt to get questions answered.” 


Lebeau continued, “like Councilor Cadime said, the public hearing was really just for the gas tanks."