Cost Of Snow Removal This Winter In Fall River

Fall River’s 2020 fiscal year budget has reached its halfway point. 


One thing of note from Tuesday’s council session was the snow removal line item. It remains a six figure sum as January comes to a close. 


"Through December we're at about 331,000,” Mary Sahady told councilors. “We had a few snowstorms in December that required either snow removal or at least brining of the streets.”


The Winter has been mild thus far compared to others. The Chief FInancial Officer and Acting CIty Administrator literally knocked on wood as she talked about the good fortune we’ve had.


“We have been, knock on wood, very lucky in the month of January though we do it monitor it,” she said. “But it is one line item that can be overspent and we would cover that deficit at year end when we cover other deficits."