Fall River City Council Revokes Streetscape Loan Orders

The Fall River City Council decided on Tuesday to rescind loan orders for streetscape projects at North Main and Rock Streets. The two totalled over two million dollars which will now be converted into a street repair loan order. 


As the streetscape conversation continued, completed projects at East Main and Purchase Streets were made highlights. 


Councilor Leo Pelletier demanded that the contractor for the East Main project fix the patched pavement  


"I don't believe that this company should put more patches on that street,” the long-time councilor said. “There's twenty-seven patches and they have to do it right."


The streetscape initiative was a key component to Fall River’s prior administration spearheaded by Jasiel Correia. 


The Council President made it clear during Tuesday’s session among these discussions that downtown revitalization and repair needs to be made a priority. 


Cliff Ponte has always been in favor of bringing new life into the downtown area. "I don't want to speak for this council but I think the consensus for the last council is that we work on infrastructure and road repair in our downtown."


In other council business, a request from the current administration for a $2.1 million loan order for snow removal equipment was approved. The nine members also agreed to the appointment of Luis Gonsalves, John Erickson and Joan Medeiros to the Fall River Redevelopment Authority.


A pair of resolutions were also approved by the council where the first asks the finance committee to start discussions on police details at the Northeast Alternatives Cannabis Dispensary in the city’s north end. The second extends gratitude to the surrounding fire departments who assisted in the Stafford Mill fire earlier in the month.