Carole Fiola Talks Cannabis In Fall River

The Cannabis Control Commission has granted Hope Heal Health the permission to begin selling recreational cannabis at their Fall River location beginning Friday February 7, according to the Fall River Herald News. 


This will hopefully help alleviate the traffic and commotion that has been reported on the north end of the city bordering Tiverton at Northeast Alternatives.


One of the members from the trio of local legislation is pushing for the C.C.C to become more involved on the Southcoast when it comes to this new, booming industry.  


"This industry is rapidly growing,” Carole Fiola said. “There is a lot of details to it. One thing is the meetings they hold where they review applicants and hold different stages of application.”


The State Representative from Bristol’s sixth district said she has put in that request for a meeting held here locally, specifically in the city. 


“I asked and they said they will schedule a meeting here in what I believe will be Fall River,” she claimed. “I asked for Fall River. That date has not been set yet." 


Fiola has her hands in many different aspects of the legal cannabis industry in terms of how the process of obtaining licensure in Massachusetts. 


Locally, Fall River is no stranger to the issue of who has the authority to give out community host agreements non-opposition letters. Former Mayor Jasiel Correia II has been accused of extortion and accepting bribes in exchange for those documents.


So, State Rep Fiola is trying to figure out solutions to this potential massive problem. 


"I have a bill - H4147 - which is intended to prevent one individual and no public input into a host community agreement," she said. 


"I'm just looking for that equity that is very clearly defined so that the community host agreement goes before the city council prior to it being executed,” she continued. “I'm hoping that does in fact come to fruition."