Concerns For The Cannabis Control Commission

The Cannabis Control Commission continues to issue licenses for both medicinal and recreational cannabis dispensaries across the Massachusetts. 


At their most recent session, Averyl Andrade of Between The Rows LLC Cannabis Shop in the Commonwealth, listed off concerns she has had and that the South Coast has had when it comes to how the commission is proceeding. 


She believes established medicinal facilities and economically empowered applicants should be dealt with first in their processes. 


“We need help and we need to be heard," Andrade said. “We are not just numbers on paper, we are real, actual people.”


The other major issue that was addressed is the location of commission meetings and the disparity of travel between communities in the South Coast and those in the Boston-area.


"Please hold these public meetings on the Southcoast,” Andrade pleaded. “Almost twenty percent of the communities deemed disproportionately impacted are south of Brockton.” 


The C.C.C did hold one meeting locally.


“We greatly appreciate that one time the commission came to Dartmouth and held a listening session,” Andrade said. “Many people on the Southcoast and Cape cannot make it out to Boston and Worcester.”


The City of Fall River will host their second recreational cannabis location during the first quarter in 2020.