Deputy Fire Chief Jamison Barros Takes Over As Acting Chief Of Fire In Somerset

Somerset’s Deputy Fire Chief has answered the call to officially fill-in as Acting Fire Chief.


Jamison Barros was approved by the Somerset Board of Selectmen Wednesday evening following an emotional tribute to former Fire Chief Scott Jepson that opened the session.


The selectmen had nothing but praise and warm wishes for the deputy chief that will not take over the ship.


"I just want to compliment Jamison Barros,” Holly McNamara said. “I've told him this before - I can't say enough good things about him. He's so centered and calming. He has great leadership qualities."


"With the unexpected events that have taken at the fire department,” Steven Moniz said. “It is a daunting task to step into someone’s shoes like that and assume a leadership position. "


Jepson died earlier this month. Fundraising efforts continue to provide long-term assistance to both his wife and son.