Fall River Fire Chief Talks Recent Mill Fire

The Fall River Fire Chief and his team have experienced a busy 2020 thus far in its first month.


To open up the year, just days following the holiday, a Stafford Mill Fire forced the F.R.F.D into action as well as surrounding communities to give mutual aid. At virtually the same time, another fire in the city came to life forcing every resource to be on the table early that morning. 


Chief John Lynch was sure to thank all of those involved for answering the call. 


"I have to give a shout out to a lot of the surrounding communities and mutual aid communities because that was critical for us that night,” he said. “They came in a hurry and helped set up. They went into the building with us.”


The mill fire is still under investigation.


Fall River’s Chief of Fire briefly described how he handles a situation when arriving on scene and how other chiefs specifically helped him out. 


“They had trucks operating and their chiefs came over to help supervise with me. It was a large area so I like to stand in front of the building and assign people to take care of different areas. I like to delegate so I'm not spreading myself too thin.”


In a conversation with WSAR about the recent fire activity in the city, Lynch broke down why station locations are key to the entire operation. 


"There are six stations in Fall River strategically located,” he said. “Eliminating any of the stations would create an empty space where response times would become difficult as well as getting the manpower there to certain locations. So, our stations are strategically located."


The number of firefighters currently is acceptable for the Fall River Fire Chief but there’s always room for more firefighters in any city or town. 


"Our staffing levels are pretty good right now,” he said. “We all want to have more, no matter what. But there has to be a point where you strike a balance between what we can afford and what will give a good product to the citizens of Fall River."


Recently, the Fall River Fire Department has acquired new turnout gear, new washing machines to remove carcinogenic material, as well as a fleet of new trucks and apparatus.