Mayor Coogan Renews Mary Sahady's Contract Two Years

In what will be a weekly interview with Fall River Paul Coogan on WSAR’s Newsroom program at the noontime hour on Friday’s, the leader of the new administration in the city said Mary Sahady will be back for the next two years. 


Sahady, who is the city’s Chief Financial Officer and acting City Administrator, received a contract renewal from the mayor as one of his first acts in office. 


"When I arrived here in January, we gave her a five-day extension to get her to the time I was sworn in on January sixth,” Coogan said. “Then, we renewed her contract.”


Mayor Coogan is happy with his decision. 


“I think Mary is doing a good job for us,” he said. “We obviously followed the ordinance as far as her salary,  and stayed within that framework. We went forward with that."


Initially, there was confusion with Sahady’s contract renewal at a time with an acting mayor in place, but it was cleared up. 


"I heard there was a letter notification that wasn't given and there was a problem with the contract,” the Fall River mayor said. “But, that clause her in contract said you had to notify her 90 days prior to renewing her, but that was in October." 


Corporation Counsel Alan Rumsey was approved by the council last week while a city assessor and purchasing agent were also posted.