Tiverton Town Councilor John Edwards Talks Recycling and Recalls

The Tiverton Town Council held their first meeting of the month and the new year this past Monday. 


WSAR News spoke with one of the town councilors in the wake of the meeting to gauge what is topical in the next-door Rhode Island community. 


Councilor John Edwards V told the newsroom that one of the key topics for the initial 2020 session was the approaching decision on where trash and recyclables will go once the town landfill closes - which could be as early as this year. 


"We had our engineer come in and talk to us,” he said. “From a timeline perspective, if we don't make a decision on a recycling center by next meeting, as far as where we're going to site this thing, we're going to have nowhere to bring recycling to because the landfill will be closed.”


“We're out of time," the town councilor told WSAR.


A recall made headlines in Tiverton as did Fall River in 2019. Edwards noted that members of that recall in the Rhody town had opportunities to fix the issue. 


"They should have addressed this,” he said. “They were in office for a year or so and it's one of the top things that should have been taken care of. The ball was already moving when I was on the council prior. They just didn't do anything with it."


The talks and whispers of a second recall would make it that in a matter of just months. Edwards does not seem all that concerned with that as a potential issue for him or any of his colleagues in 2020. 


"If there's a handful of people who are just a perpetual stick in the mud and all they want to do is raise chaos - it's the same group that goes after the budget every year, the slash-and-burn budget people - if there's a handful of them who don't like what I'm doing then so be it,” he said.


The town councilor isn’t putting energy into that potential problem. 


“I don't really care and I don't have time for them," Edwards said.