Sox Fire Cora and the Red Sox are confirming that after a meeting today, the Sox ownership group decided to relive Alex Cora of his duties as the manager of the Sox, one day after a 9 page report on Cora's actions as Houston Astros Bench Coach in a 2017 Electronic Sign Stealing caper was released by MLB. 

Cora was alleged to have replaced monitors taken out by former Houston Manager A-J Hinch, who was also fired for his role in what happened. 

There are indications that batters had advance knowledge of what pitches were being called by the L-A Dodgers, who lost consecutive World Series to L-A and Boston. 

The Red Sox remain under investigation by MLB for a 2018 sign stealing enterprise, in which the Red Sox Video Room at Fenway Park was the alleged nerve center using video feeds that were viewed by players, with information being reviewed by players, and information being relayed from the dugout to the field.