First Fall River City Council Session Of 2020

The new-look Fall River City Council kicks off their first session as a group this evening. There are four new members with five individuals returning from the last team. 


Linda Pereira is the only one of the four that has served on the council. She ran for mayor back in 2017. Christopher Peckham, Trott Lee and Michelle Dionne, who gave up her spot on the RDA to join council, round out the new members.


Council Vice President Pam Laliberte-Lebeau told WSAR that a variety of issues will be tackled in the first month of meetings.


“We have a streetscape item that’s tabled,” she said. “We have marijuana licenses tabled and we have to talk about the billboards."


Laliberte-Lebeau said it made the most sense to hold off until the new group was assembled.  


“There are a few agenda items, specifically in finance, that I chose to wait to put on the agenda until January,” she said. “With four councilors leaving and four councilors coming on, it seemed to me to make the most sense to put it on with new members. Otherwise, we would just have to repeat ourselves again."


Ultimately, a few things will be up to the incoming administration and how they would like to deal with various finance issues.


"While (City Council President) Cliff (Ponte) has done a great job as Acting Mayor, it's really going to be up to the incoming administration on the direction they want to go on some of these items,” Laliberte-Lebeau said. “Those things will be discussed at the January meetings, sooner rather than later.”