Will the 2020 Census Cost Massachusetts Any Congressional Seats?

It’s 2020 and it’s a census year in the United States. The last census, a decade ago, led the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to lose a congressional seat.


WSAR News had a chance to ask Bristol 7th District State Representative Alan Silvia if there was a fear of that being the case his time around, as well. 


He claimed that new numbers suggested otherwise. 


“Obviously, there are a number of states losing population numbers to California and New York,” Silvia said. “Boston has lots of job creation, though. So, I don't think those numbers will affect a congressional district.”


The state representative did say there is a chance that could happen in the future, however.


“I think eventually, we'll have a move of lines here,” he said. “I'm not sure when that will take place. I don't see a huge reduction of population of our community. But it is interesting to look at those numbers."


At one time, Massachusetts held 16 congressional seats and by the time of the 2010 census, that number stood at 10. After the census concluded that number dropped to 9. Silvia expects that number to stay the same after this year’s survey.