The New City Council In Fall River Is Gearing Up

The new-look Fall River City Council have been given their committee assignments for 2020 by President Cliff Ponte and Vice President Pam Laliberte-Lebeau.


The first City Council session of the new year with the new group will take place this coming Tuesday.


President Ponte will chair the Finance COmmittee while the eight remaining members will serve as its members.Vice President Laliberte-Lebeau will chair the Committee on Ordinances and Legislation while Shawn Cadime, Michelle Dionne, Trott Lee and Linda Pereira will serve at its members.


Linda Periera, who is returning to the group of nine after giving up her seat to run for mayor, will chair the Committee on Economic Development and Tourism. She told WSAR she is already working on various issues including lighting in various neighborhoods.


"I was told that they can't dim the lights,” Pereira said. “That's not true. Some of the lights have been dimmed because some people complained they were too bright. They are working on it."


The members of Economic Development and Tourism will be Vice President Laliberte-Lebeau and Michelle Dionne. 


The returning Pereira is prepared to make her comeback.


"I have 17 resolutions,” she said. “I cannot put in 17 resolutions during our first meeting. My phone has not stopped the last two years while I was home. People will still call who need help with different issues. Whatever I can help them with, I do."


Michelle Dionne will chair the Committee on Human Services, Housing and Elder Affairs after giving up her spot on the Redevelopment Authority to become a city councilor.


"I've said since the beginning that I was interested in human services, housing, youth and elder affairs,” Dionne said to WSAR. “I think it’s been an underutilized committee. I think it can do so much more. I think we're in a time in our city where people need more help. They need people to pay attention and be there for them."


The remaining members of the committee will be Vice President Laliberte-Lebeau and Trott Lee.


Lee will chair the Committee on Health and Environmental Affairs and not try to step on any toes as a newcomer.


"I have to show respect and see where they're going with what they want to do,” he said. “I'm not going to be a bull in a china shop. We're not just going to do what I want to do and everyone has to listen because I got second on the list - that doesn't work for me."


The members of that committee besides Lee will be Leo Pelletier and Christopher Peckham.


Peckham will chair the Committee on Public Safety with Shawn Cadime and Vice President Laliberte-Labeau as its members while Pelletier will chair the Committee on Real Estate with Trott Lee and Brad Kilby as his generals.  


Brad Kilby will chair the Committee on Regulations with Linda Pereira and Christopher Peckham.