A Letter To New Bedford Mayor Requesting The Dismissal Of Police Captain Joseph Cordeiro

The President of the Union Local representing New Bedford Police is asking New Bedford Mayor Jon Mitchell to remove the current Police Chief.


A majority of officers have indicated they would take another position in a neighboring department if it was offered to them. It has been made clear rank and file officers have lost confidence Captain Joseph Cordeiro. 


WSAR News has obtained a copy of the letter authored by President of the New Bedford Police Union Hank Turgeon, asking the city’s mayor to review department policies and replace officers who have already left.


The letter also made a point on the recent raids related to the Latin Kings Gang, which claimed the F.B.I had to step in when the N.B.P.D could not do, in the end, what it needed due to a lack of manpower and resources. 


In the closing paragraph, it wrapped up the letter by saying, “It is perfectly clear to the members of the New Bedford Police Union that Chief Joseph Cordeiro’s incompetence, inefficiency (as well as his selfish actions as demonstrated by his international and domestic travel and new vehicles paid for with both local and federal taxpayer’s funds), his lack of priorities in Officer’s safety should all, without a doubt, give you just cause to remove Chief Joseph Cordeiro.”