Fall River Licensing Board Proposes Future Late Payment Fines

At their most recent session, the Fall River Licensing Board approved a series of applications that were submitted late for approval.


Also, a warning with new regulations was suggested at the meeting which could tack on additional dollars for a number of small businesses.


If approved by all the major channels, the new regulations would go into effect next year, according to the Licensing Board Chairman John Saulino.


"The penalty could not be assessed this year because it has to be voted on by the board and go to the city council for approval and become part of the ordinances for the city,” he said.


Letters are sent to area businesses in October for the following year’s license renewal.


Saulino told those gathered in their most recent session if businesses did not have their paperwork on time in the future they could be subject to forced closure on the first day of the year as well as pay a proposed fine. 


“I suggest that we do adopt the policy that when the letters go out next year it will say if it is not filed by whenever the date may be,” he said. “Any filing after that date will carry a penalty. After that point, you will not be able to file until January which means on January 1st, your business is closed until we have another meeting."


The chair of the board was sure to end the meeting reminding small business owners in attendance to be sure their paperwork gets in on time. 


"Please keep in mind that next year it will not be pretty if have to start paying 250 bucks in additional to the renewal,” he said. “Some of these licenses are 50 dollars to renew. It would be a shame to have to pay 250 because you didn't file on time."


The introduction of a fine still has to be approved by the city council. The legislation and ordinance committee will likely address the issue next month.