Fall River R.D.A Approves New Gas Station, Travel Center And Potential Restaurant

A new retail space with a gas station and potential restaurant located on the North Side of Fall River has been approved for eventual construction by the redevelopment authority. 


The new site which would include a travel center would be located on Innovation Way near the Fall River Industrial Park and the Life Sciences Component.


During the most recent session of the authority, the chair Kara O’Connell said the parties involved have already agreed on the basic framework.


"The board did authorize me to sit down with ll parties and attorneys regarding the purchase of the property on Innovation Way by Robert London,” she said. “We sat down for a few hours. Everybody hashed it out. The meeting went great. We had to make some changes and as you all know when they submitted their initial plans we did approve it."


Since this phase has been reached, O’Connell said future development is now a possibility.


"Now that they have actually submitted and there is more green, open space and there a lesser footprint for future development of a restaurant down the road on that property,” she claimed. “I would like to make a motion that we accept their change and final footprint of what they're going to build there for the retail space and gas station."


Future negotiations on a potential restaurant in the area could also happen.


"They're going to go ahead with a restaurant,” O’Connell said. “It will have to come back in front of us for us to approve that use. That wording is in there."


With the turnover recently, Fall River’s R.D.A is looking for a pair of members as Joseph Oliveira has resigned and Michelle Dionne is headed to one of the nine Fall River city council seats in the next term.