Chapter-Seventy Dollars Coming To Fall River

The recent passage of new legislation on Beacon Hill seeking to fund line items for special education and English language learners in gateway cities such as Fall River will mean millions of dollars for various things over the next seven fiscal years.


One of the trio of legislators in the area said that stakeholders throughout the district should have a seat at the table to best determine how to utilize the incoming funds over the next almost-decade.


"Some of the things we can look forward to are how do we want to spend this money,” Bristol Sixth District State Representative Carole Fiola. “Certainly, our school department, our administration and our school committee all know what want to do, overall.”


She continued, “But, I hope the business community, parents, students, educators and of course our great school committee members along with others have a chance to have a seat at the table because this new formula is going to provide a lot of new resources to our district."


The reworking of this funding formula took some time to complete. 


This will bring more financial and human capital assistance to the English language learners in the Fall River Public School District and in the form of additional chapter seventy dollars.


Superintendent of School Doctor Matthew Malone said they have just added more than a handful of new paraprofessionals to meet their standards.


"At the last school committee meeting, we talked about ensuring all of our foundational English language learner rooms were fully staffed,” Malone said. “I'm proud to report tonight that we've added 8 paraprofessionals given approval of the committee last session to those classrooms. Now, they are fully staffed by our model."