Tremont Street Shooting Investigation Updated

Fall River Police have enlisted the assistance of various other law enforcement agencies in an ongoing investigation into a shooting incident on Tremont Street in Fall River on the night of October 27 at 11:15pm.


Victims called Police and told the F-R-P-D that they were inside a vehicle parked on Columbia Street in Fall River and needed assistance, which was provided by officers on the scene until EMTs arrived.  


The FRPD maintains that what happened was not a random act. 


The FRPD Major Crimes Division secured search warrants for residences in Bridgewater and Lakeville; a SWAT team, along with detectives from Bridgewater and Lakeville executed recent search warrants, where ammunition and narcotics were located in Bridgewater at a Wood Street location, while in Lakeville, a 9-mm firearm loaded with 20 rounds was found at Commercial Drive Apartment.