Cathy Ann Viveiros Out As City Administrator

Fall River’s now former city administrator Cathy Ann Viveiros has submitted her resignation, and Acting Mayor Cliff Ponte has accepted it.


"We're marching on,” Acting Mayor Cliff Ponte said when asked about the situation.


As first reported in the Fall River Herald News, Viveiros was the subject of an investigation earlier this Fall into the assessment of Hathaway Street residence that had been renovated after she purchased it. 


Ponte said the details on the final report will remain confidential until all of the Human Resources matters have been handled.


"Mrs. Viveiros was given the package of information this afternoon with a number of other individuals involved,” he said. “It was a thorough process that was completed by Attorney Thomas as well as our own legal department who reviewed it. We have handed them confidential packages of information for their review and response. At this point, I think it’s appropriate in the best interest of Fall River to leave it as a confidential matter."


Someone has already been selected to fill-in in the interim. And she will be the lone point of contact between the acting administration and the one making their way in in nearly six weeks.


“I'm going to be appointing on an interim basis Mary Sahady as our city administrator,” Ponte said. “She will be able to handle the day-to-day basis operations. I did have a conversation with Mrs. Sahady while I transition out and the mayor elect will transitions in, there's going to be one point of contact within city government - that will be Mrs. Sahady."


The mayor-elect spoke with Will Flangan in the wake of Viveiros’ resignation. He is confident in Mary Sahady until the time he starts the process of searching for a new person to take on the city administrator duties. .


“I have confidence in Mary Sahady to keep an eye on both things for a little while, while we bridge the gap here,” Paul Coogan said. “That will be advertised and I will put together a panel to do the interviews after the people screen those level of applicants."


Coogan is genuinely unsure who will fill the role. 


"There are a number of firms who help cities to find the best people to run the city,” the mayor-elect told Flanagan. “I believe that going forward, I'm not sure were going to jump to a new city administrator right now.”


The former school committee member and school administrator said when there is news on the city administrator job, he will make an announcement. Until then, everything heard is simply rumors.


"It's funny because I see these names thrown around - it's going to be this one, it's going to be that one,” Coogan said. “That’s being thrown around by no one that has had a conversation with me. I don't do that. I never did, I'm not going to.” 


He continued, “when we get to the point where we're ready to announce someone then we're going to announce them. I don't play that game. It's about what’s best for the city of Fall River."


Viveiros ran a write-in campaign earlier in the month in the municipal election for mayor of Fall River after serving in her role as city administrator for Mayors Flangan, Sutter and  Correia.


Her last successful ballot appearance saw her as the tip vote getter for a city council seat that she gave up to become city administrator for the Flanagan Administration, which ultimately allowed the former mayor Jasiel Correia to advance from tenth place to a ninth place finish, gaining him a seat on the council that he would hold onto for one term before defeating Sam Sutter for a term as mayor.