Fall River May Look To Build Two New Parking Garages

The city of Fall River could seek to possibly build a pair of new parking garages. 


If grant dollars on a state and/or federal level can be materialized the city would try to locate the two garages in the downtown area and on the waterfront. 


At the most recent session of the city council, the city administrator indicated to the current and future council members funding sources from a bond authorization could be made available for this endeavor.


"I thought it might be helpful to just advise you of a potential funding source that you may want to consider,” Cathy Ann Viveiros said. “Our legislative delegation did manage to get a bond authorization included in a bond at the state level for economic and infrastructure improvement.”


The legislation stated one million dollars would be awarded for waterfront garage while two million will be allocated to for a downtown parking garage.


"This process would require that we complete construction cost,” Viveiros said. “It has to be submitted to the Division of Capital Asset Management for consideration. The funding would have to be issued. It’s simply been included as authorized but not issued.”


The costs of the two new garages would have to be estimated. Another option would be redirecting those funds to fix already built but worn-down structures. 


“Senator (Michael) Rodrigues has advised me that the city would have the option of using those funds for repair as opposed to new construction if that was something they wanted to consider," Fall River’s City Administrator told the various council members. 


The city’s chief financial officer chimed in and suggested the potential of repairing one structure already here in the city of Fall River. 


"I think the administration as well as this council needs to go back and look further at the potential of rebuilding and repairing the third street garage with a cost of about 80,000 dollars,” Mary Sahady said. “It would repair into the next swing of spaces that go up into the garage. What that would do for us is free up approximately 46 spaces."


Sahady went on to lay out the costs for new structures by looking at recent models in the city.


"A Primacare-like garage structure was the information we set out to acquire the cost on,” the Fall River city administrator said. “It looks at this particular point that Primacare paid just shy of 2 million dollars.”


Due to inflation and increased value the city would have to spend a bit more for their structures.  


“We would be looking at potentially closer to 2.5 million dollars when you look at the increased value versus the time that Primacare erected their garage, as well as the fact that we need to pay the minimum housing, the federal guidelines, for the salary rights."