A Conversation With Former Fall River Councilor Ray Mitchell

A former Fall River City Councilor in a conversation with WSAR said he hopes a resolution he never put forward during his time in the position becomes part of the discussion going forward into 2020 regarding contracts that remain in force after a Fall River mayor leaves office.


"I thought of it but I never pulled the trigger,” Ray Mitchell told WSAR. “I wish that I had put in a resolution and ask it to go to ordinance that would say any contracts a mayor signs that extend beyond their term of office must be approved by two-thirds of the city council."


The former city council member is hoping one of the five returning, or four newcomers, picks up the baton and files the resolution.


"I hope that one of the current or new city councilors will put in that resolution because there are many contracts that are signed for the long-term and the unfortunate thing is that the citizens live with it,” Mitchell said. “But (only) one person is making that decision."


A contract will continue into the decade of the 2020s regarding trash, solid waste and recycling.