Coogan's Transition Team Moves Into Government Center's 4th Floor

In the weeks leading up to Paul Coogan’s inauguration in January, Fall River’s Mayor Elect will work from a fourth floor office in government center. 


In a conversation with WSAR, acting mayor Cliff Ponte said Coogan’s soon-to-be announced transition team will get a leg up on the transition and the process by stationing themselves inside the building leading up to the day they have to take the reigns.


"I have already reached out to the mayor elect and indicated to him that my services are available to him,” Ponte told WSAR. “As it is with the community, I work to help him transition in so the transition is seamless. The community deserves some stability now as we move forward.” 


The acting mayor of Fall River said this community deserves a smooth transition from the former administration to the new one. 


“Working with the mayor elect as a councilor and helping him transition as acting mayor is what’s best for the community,” Ponte said. “We do it in a way that's respectful that brings a little bit of respect back to this community."


Coogan is a former school committee member and comes from a career in school administration in Fall River.