Fiola Co-Sponsoring New Legislation In Regards To Legal Cannabis

One of the members among the Bristol Delegation is co-sponsoring legislation seeking to restrict recreational cannabis locations to a 500 foot radius of “sober houses” along with inpatient and outpatient treatment centers. 


Bristol’s Sixth District State Representative Carole Fiola found that a ton of people were surprised as to where cannabis locations can be designated.


In a conversation with WSAR News, Fiola told us she has been speaking with people from across the Commonwealth and surprised as to their knowledge on this topical matter. 


"We have, in law right now, that a cannabis facility cannot be sited within 500 feet of a K-12 education facility,” she said. “In the time that facilities have been sited and everybody is getting up and running, a lot of people are now starting to pay more attention out in the community.” 


Fiola continued, “I have had a number of people throughout the state, as well as around here saying to me, 'really, you can site directly across the street from a treatment center?"


Pieces of legislation still exist in committee that were created in regards to alleged widespread malfeasance in the issuing of letters of non-opposition and host agreements.


"Another piece of legislation that I did indeed file currently sitting in our Cannabis Joint Committee to be evaluated is the one where we're adding on to address the fact that one sole municipal official, in our case a strong mayor form of government, would not be the only one required to sign off on a host-community agreement," Fiola told WSAR.